Annual Texas Pipe Show held in Fort Worth Texas in October of 2019
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About the Show

Join us on October the 11th and 12th, 2019 for the fifth annual Texas Pipe Show and Slow Smoke Contest. We’ll have local carvers, local beer, and local color as well as representatives from some of the finest brands in the hobby. There will be at least five clubs represented from all over Texas (as well as a few from outside of the Republic) so come join your pipe brothers and sisters in the greatest state in the union.



Pop’s Safari Room
Fort Worth, TX



October 12th, 2019


Sponsors and Vendors


Carvers from Texas and around the US

Ryan Alden

Alden Pipes are made by hand in Rowlett Texas. The pipes are made of Italian or Algerian Briar. Ryan also offers Morta, Strawberry wood and Olivewood pipes. He is fascinated by the endless beauty of natural materials and offers accents of Ivory, Horn, Antler and a wide selection of native and exotic wood.

Colin Rigsby

Handmade pipes by American pipe carver Colin Rigsby, made by hand with the best briar & ebonite rod. Since 2006

Bill Walther

Bill began making pipes in the early 1980’s, primarily for his own use and gratification, selling or gifting a few here and there to friends and work acquaintances. Finally, after a long and varied career in other fields, he was able to retire in 2013, and pursue his love of pipe making full-time.

Premal Chheda (Buckeye Pipes)

Buckeye Pipes are crafted in our shop at Smokers’ Haven and by a few American Artisan Pipe Makers. They are made with the same high-grade Briar for Chheda Pipes, which are also made in our shop, but they use a hand-finished machined stem as opposed to a totally hand-made stem. Since much of the work in making a hand-made pipe goes into the stem, this saves considerable time in making the pipes and they are able to be sold at a less expensive price. On occasion, a guest pipe maker may also collaborate on Buckeye Pipes.




Friday, Oct 11th, 2019




Saturday, Oct 12th, 2019

10 AM- Show Opens

12 PM – Lunch Break

2 PM – Slow Smoke Check In

3 PM – Slow Smoke Contest Starts

5 PM Raffle

7 PM Show Closes

8 PM – After Show Party

The Venues

Friday, Oct. 11th: Stay Tuned for special event announcement!

Stay Tuned for a special announcement on Friday’s event.

Saturday, Oct. 12th: 2019 Texas Pipe Show

Pop’s is unlike any cigar/pipe lounge that you’ve ever been to. It’s large and comfortable and the decor is… unique. They have a wide variety of wine and port at the bar and the taps always flow with local beer.


Pop’s is located in an area of Fort Worth known as West 7th and is surrounded by shops, bars, and some of the best restaurants in Texas. All within easy walking distance.


Pop’s was recently featured in the Fort Worth Magazine. Check out the excellent article here and learn more about this unique venue and the fascinating owners.


The West 7th area of Fort Worth is home to more than 20 restaurants, bars, beer gardens, and music venues. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Slow Smoke Contest

The Slow Smoke contest is open to 30 participants DETAILS TO COME SOON.


Stay up to date on the latest news and updates from the Texas Pipe Show.